While Giants Sleep EP

by While Giants Sleep

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Our debut EP from 2011. A bonus intro track is included when you download it, and it's all absolutely free. Enjoy!


released July 12, 2011

While Giants Sleep are:
Olle Ekberg
Josef Molin
Keyloth Perez
Ola Sandberg
Daniel Thorisson

All songs are written and performed by While Giants Sleep

Engineered, mixed and produced by Dennis Galvén.
Edited by Olle Ekberg.

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While Giants Sleep Sweden

While Giants Sleep is a band of friends hailing from South Sweden. Download our music for free or buy some merch right here!

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Track Name: Romulus
it may come as a surprise
but this has been nothing but disappointment
nothing short of a let down

faulting structures
it was all there
quick to let you know
they already stood for too long

just know that I could raze
all of your buildings too

we awoke from the ashes that gave birth to our world
starting out, we were nothing but particles
which then decided to grow and in time we grew to call ourselves human beings
but now we've outgrown that role and there is nothing human about us at all
we learned to appreciate power, until we craved it

but know this: others will come and take and take what we stole from those that came before us
and this will continue as long as that burning heart of ash keeps beating it will continue
this thievery is what we are and what we’ll always be, until the end of time

we live on borrowed time and still we fight it
just know this, that our demise is truly inevitable
Track Name: Celeste
I was the last to know
that we wouldn't leave this sea
your breath seized command of our sails
and nobody leaves at will

our sun will set one final time
in deep dreams
these stars will bring
our last light
our last fight

the sea was dark, dark as the night
the waves were his cold violent hands
your fingers tangled around us
with our anchors, hope failed us too

to our graves
to our grace

our sun will set one final time
in deep dreams
Track Name: Lost Monarch
truly you are a king, great shadow cast by your crown
no man could ever reach as far as your arms stretch
and for a thousand years the earth will bow to your command
you're shouldered by a queen and she will never rest

watch over my people of trees
fathers I return to rest by your side

watch over my people of trees
fathers I return to rest by your side
Track Name: Wyatt Earp
the streets are scary at nights
still you wander them alone, you wander them alone
your hands they shiver all the time
your addiction is your only crime
you’re scared to death you carry knives,
you carry weapons, you carry weapons
you fear for your life all the time, said your addiction is your only crime

if you really need a savior save yourself

you try to run and catch your breath, but the more you run the further away it gets

if you really need a savior save yourself

no hospitals in the world would treat you now
no medicine in world would heal you now
no doctor in the world would help you now
so if you really need a savior save yourself